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Announcements (9 March 2022)

  • Windows version 4.8 and Android version 4.8 are available for download.
  • iPad version 4.08 is available on the App Store (requires a chemical companion account).
  • The update includes new chemical threats and precursors, new chemical detectors, updated detector data, Australia ERG 2020, and many other updates to our suite of decision support tools.
  • New Tools:
    • Chemical and Biological Destruction
    • Fire Combustion
    • Fire Extinguishment
    • Gas Cylinder Recognition
    • Munitions Identification
    • SCBA Air Management
    • Skin Protection
    • Solution Sprayer
  • We currently do not support mobile phone platforms such as the iPhone. Individual mobile apps are in development. If you or your agency are in need of specific requirements, please contact us.


  • If you or your team are interested in training (web-based, remote delivery, or in-person) on the use of ERDSS, please contact Hazard3 at .


The Emergency Response Decision Support System (ERDSS) provides first responders with decision support for hazardous environments contaminated with chemical agents. This software tool, which operates on Windows, Android, and iOS, is provided free-of-charge to the military, law enforcement, and fire departments.
Features include:
  • Detailed information on thousands of common chemicals and synonyms
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including respirators
  • Hazardous Concentration Levels and Exposure Guidelines
  • Isolation and Protective Action Distances
  • ERG and Emergency Medical Information
  • Identify unknown chemicals using physical properties or exposure symptoms
  • Decision Support Tools and more...